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Warm greetings to the students of Aparajita Hall, their esteemed parents, alumni, and valuable website visitors

Aparajita Hall first opened its doors in the academic year 1999. University residence for the students is the biggest place for living like a joint family environment. It is the largest source of non-formal education along with the University Academic syllabus. It teaches all members of the family strong togetherness of sharing, caring with inspiration, and cooperation on the basis of ethical, moral, and institutional legal aspects. If we think positively; deficiencies, and difficulties the part of our life but not the vital obstacles at all. We all are stakeholders of the family and are enjoying the golden time of our lives and feel proud at the end of the day......

Learn today (formal and non-formal) for a brighter future. Best wishes, especially to my beloved students.

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Honor Board

Picture Name Designation From To
Professor Dr. Md. Saifuddin Shah provost 07-08-1995 08-09-1996
Md. Ghulam Murtaza provost 09-09-1996 06-11-1997
Md Abdul Motien Provost 07-11-1997 21-10-2001
Prof. Dr. Md. Ghulam Murtaza Provost 21-10-2001 07-03-2002
Ahamad Sekha Aktare Provost 07-03-2002 24-03-2002
Dr. Md. Raihan Ali Provost 24-03-2002 11-07-2005
Prof. Khan Golam Quddus Provost 12-07-2005 16-07-2008
Dr. Mohammad Mostafa Provost 17-07-2008 20-01-2009
Prof. Dr. Sarder Safiqul Islam Provost 21-01-2009 22-01-2012
Prof. Dr. Mosummath Hosna Ara Provost 22-01-2012 21-01-2015
Prof. Dr. Mosummath Hosna Ara Provost 22-01-2015 23-01-2018
Nazia Hassan Provost 23-01-2018 08-01-2020
Lopa Islam Provost (In Charge) 09-01-2020 18-11-2020
Rahima Nusrat Remme Provost 18-11-2020 30-08-2022
Prof. Dr. Mst. Sabiha Sultana Provost 30-08-2022 Till Now

Provost Body

Name Designation Email Address Mobile Number
Falguni Akter Assistant provost and Assistant Professor, Soil, Water and Environment Discipline falguni@swe.ku.ac.bd 01716-078872
Hafij Ahmed Assistant provost and Assistant Professor, History and Civilization Discipline hafij1998@gmail.com 01714-656526
Sagar Kumar Dutta Assistant Provost & Assistant Professor, Chemistry Discipline sagar@ku.ac.bd +8801923941593,
Maitry Biswas Assistant Provost maitry@ku.ac.bd 01717614660
Shakila Naznin Assistant Provost shakila.naznin@eceku.ac.bd 01737074980
S.M Hayat Mahmud Assistant Provost hayat@ku.ac.bd 01911015859
M.D Fajlay Rabbi Assistant Provost ranjanrabbi@eduku.ac.bd 01681687987

Staff List

Name Designation Email Address Mobile Number
Saleha Parves Section Officer saleh@officerku.ac.bd 01914066249
Momotaj Khandoker section Officer momotajkhandoker2@gmail.com 01718555477
Anjali mondol Section Officer (Hall) anjaliku4732@officer.ku.ac.bd 01717994732