Life Science School

Prof. Dr. Md. Raihan Ali

The greater Khulna region, the south-west part of Bangladesh has been characterized by a unique blend of different terrestrial and aquatic environments owing to its proximity to the Sundrabans, the world’s largest single-tract mangrove forest, the different salinity regime with dynamic aquifer and the fertile soil with alluvial soil deposition in Ganges delta. However, the recent agricultural and fisheries commodity based industrialization and rapid urbanization process have changed the pristine quality of this unique environment while their salient roles in the ecosystem’s functioning cannot be replaced. The responsible management of the resources and ecosystems upon which sustainable development of the country depends is a major challenge that needs to be addressed with empirically derived knowledge. Understanding such reality different academic Disciplines under Life Science School of Khulna University provides education in different fields of agricultural, biotechnological and pharmaceutical sciences through problem-based learning with a focus on the country’s natural resource management on a sustainable basis and as such fosters interdisciplinary learning and research approaches.

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